Play Free Blackjack Online

Play Free Blackjack Online

Learn and play Free Blackjack Online

You have probably imagined yourself one day sitting behind one of those casino tables to test your knowledge and luck in playing blackjack. It is really a great casino game! Or maybe you wanted to be able to play blackjack at the online casino. Whatever the reason behind it you are on this page reading about blackjack game.
In case you want to play free blackjack you are welcome to visit our casino games lobby where you can find most popular casino games such as: blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, baccarat , slot machines and other great casino games. All of our casino games and free slots are free to play. There is no install or software download required to play.

One of the reason for blackjack to become such a popular casino game is that this game is really easy learn. Millions of people play blackjack everyday around the world at online casinos. So, no surprise that this game went through some technological upgrade like many other things in our life in the past 2 decades. Now blackjack available at many online casinos around the world so players can enjoy to play blackjack online 24/7.


The basic concept of the game is very simple: you have to collect 21 or as closest number possible to beat the dealer who also needs to collect 21 or the highest number to it. If you collect set of cards over 21 you get “Busted”. Whenever you play free blackjack online or for real money, or at the land based casino this game is all about luck and certain skills of the player itself.

There a few seats at the blackjack table (usually in the form of semi circle or oval). All of the players are playing against the dealer by the same rules-collect 21 or highest possible set of cards or get “Busted” (lose the game).

Now, blackjack is played with a single deck of cards-52 and the player has slightly higher advantage of winning because there are less card combinations in a single deck. That is where card counting and other strategies to play blackjack were born. Truth is, today, there are hundreds other books and publications about blackjack strategies, rules and other tricks of the game.

It was not that long ago that land-based casinos started to implement some limitations in the blackjack game to reduce the edge of the player over the house such as restricting double down bets on soft hands. Placing the first and all other future bets occurs in a box right in front of the player, once all are bets a placed, dealer will start dealing cards to each player. The dealer will also ask each player of his decision on every single card dealt. Players usually either say “Hit”, or tap the table with the hand, which means you don`t need another card and you comfortable with combination you already have. Last person to have his cards dealt is the dealer. If the dealer goes “busted” all of those who stayed in the game-gets paid. Game starts all over again.

If a blackjack game has many decks the “house” or casino has the edge over the player because increased number of card combinations always reduces the edge of wining for the player. However, we could not confirm or deny the fact that all of the casinos in the world follow this pattern. Limitations imposed in some blackjack game versions are mainly have been notice in Australian land based casinos. So players around the world have an option to try their luck at online casinos if they find that such rules are not to their taste.

The simple reason behind such decision is because online casinos are constantly get their software checked by independent tech-labs to assure its visitors that their games are fair and random. We have a section of best online blackjack casinos, where you can find out more information about each casino, its games, rules, promotions and payment options.


The main benefit to play blackjack online is that you have a choice what type of blackjack to play; be it a single deck blackjack or 6 to 8 decks blackjack. Usually, online blackjack game, the one you`ll find at any online casino today is supplied in many versions by the most trusted casino games providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, if the games at certain online casinos supplied by other games providers-don`t worry, they are in general all the same when it comes to rules of the game itself. The above mentioned casino game providers are mainly known for their “player-favor” rules where players of blackjack have more chances of winning.

The another benefit to play blackjack online is that you have such a variety of different online casinos all over the world so you can play blackjack anywhere from the comfort of your home. You can play blackjack for real money or play for fun at our games lobby. Most of the blackjack versions at online casinos provided by us have the mobile version of the blackjack, some may even ask to download casino software in order to play it on your mobile device. No matter the case, you`ll definitely enjoy playing blackjack online like millions of people do around the world.


To win at blackjack you have to be very skilled and intelligent player. There are numerous strategies how to win at blackjack but one thing is above all is practice. Without practice it is impossible to acquire any skills to do it good. This relates to anything we do in our life. Great athletes became legends because of hard work and constant practice that helped them build a certain set of skills to reach the heights. Blackjack is no different. But how can you learn to play blackjack without loosing money first if all land based or online casinos have the option only to play for real money or offer limited free try of the game? The answer to this question is We offer you unique opportunity to play blackjack free with no download or install. We have all types of blackjack that available at any online casino today. You can practice playing blackjack for free as long you want. By practicing to play jack for free you`ll be able to brush your skills, learn the game inside-out to become a better player. It is also advisable to learn all types of blackjack in order to understand the game better-this will open new doors and increase the chances of winning when playing blackjack at online casino.