5 most exciting and intelligent anime pro games

In everyone’s life there is a place for games, someone constantly plays in everything and does not know rest, and someone has not felt excitement for a long time, but we all love games one way or another. In the anime, the theme of the games is not yet jaded, and is not revealed from all sides. I offer you a selection of anime, which fully reveal and show gambling and intellectual games.

No Game – No Life (2014)

Annotation: Sora and Shirou are always together, they are brother and sister.The whole world is too boring for them, so all their time they play various games where they have no equal. Somehow they get an invitation to get into another game world. They agree without a second thinking, because in this world all conflict situations and problems are solved exclusively by games.

Short review: The main characters love games in all forms: from luck games to team shooters. The plot here is interesting and well served, the story does not stand still and does not sag, constantly forcing the viewer to follow what is happening. Also here is full of depraved scenes that harmoniously fit into the plot. The characters are well-written, the pluses of one fill the minuses of the other, showing the non-ideality of the characters. Yes, the heroes win here all the time, but they will also encounter difficult opponents on their way, who will not be easy with them.

Genre: seinen, etti, comedy, adventure, fantasy

Rating on Yummy Anime: 9.4

Mad Passion (2017)

Annotation: In a private academic academy for children of rich families, a very unusual curriculum. Here the children constantly play games of chance, where the winners get everything, and the losers lose everything and become slaves.Once the threshold of the academy is crossed by the girl Yumeko and then the whole academy will know what excitement really is.

Short review: This is an anime, where each character is insane in its own way and everyone is confident of his victory. All of them are perfectly disclosed, it is especially noticeable at critical moments in games, where they show their true face. Here the heroes not only play well the games, but also tell how they win, which can be useful in real life. The plot here is not super original, but it is presented cheerfully and dynamically, not letting the viewer get bored.

Genre: shonen, drama, mystic

Rating on Yummy Anime: 8.9

Seven – right, three – wrong (2017)

Annotation: Kosiyama Siki spends all her time in the library, reading various books. He does not like to be the center of attention, but eagerly absorbs new knowledge. Somehow a strange guy with glasses comes up to him and calls him to join the quiz club.

Short review: There is no romance in the anime, which made me immensely pleased, because it is completely superfluous here. Characters are well written and it is very interesting to watch their intellectual fights. In addition, one can take a bunch of useful information from them (it is definitely useful in crossword puzzles :), and sometimes you can laugh, because it’s full of humor, though it’s an amateur. The plot here revolves around only one game, but this is all very unusual, the viewer is constantly in suspense, and the plot twists do not allow to relax.

Genre: seinen, comedy,

Rating on Yummy Anime: 8.4

Hikaru and Go (2001-2003)

Annotation: Shindo Hikaru climbs into the attic in search of interesting things and finds an old go board. As soon as he takes this board – immediately he is the spirit who calls himself Fujiwara and is one of the best go players. He remains spirit in the body of the boy, constantly persuading him to play.Agreeing, Hikaru begins to play, and Fujiwara becomes his teacher. Soon the boy is drawn in and he begins to like this game.

Short review: This anime kindled interest in go to me, and I even seriously did it for some time and played it. I am glad that there are such animes as this that encourage intellectual sports. Intellectual fights are shown here very deeply and even if you do not know anything about this game, it will not be difficult to figure it out, because everything is shown here so that it is understandable without words. After watching, I had the same feeling as after reading a good book. And not surprising, because this anime is very useful for self-development, there is a lot of philosophy and morality.

Genre: shonen, drama, comedy, mystic

Rating on Yummy Anime: 9.2

Kaizi (2007-2011)

Annotation: Ito Kaizi, being an unemployed loser, is constantly attached to the bottle and gambling. However, in games, luck is not on his side, he loses 4 million yen. He has a choice: either to work it all out honestly and for a long time, or to try to recoup. He, of course, chooses the game and put him on the “Ship of Hope”, he has no chance of losing.

Short review: Anime perfectly shows all the negative aspects of a person, forcing the viewer to forget about morality, which is there and which is a lot. All of it comes from the main character, who is always a choice, he is tempted and persuaded, and he, in turn, infinitely doubts and thinks about the correctness of the act. Drawing here is unusual, it is from manga, but you quickly get used to it and continue to enjoy the series. There is also a lot of cruelty, the scenes of which are really hard to watch.

Genre: Seyonen, Drama, Adventure

Rate on Yummy Anime: 8.8

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