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Video Roulette – PlayTech

The new version of roulette from the company Playtech is called Video Roulette (“Video-roulette”) and is characterized by realistic graphics, the availability of video clips and an abundance of various rates. All this makes the game not only as close to the conditions of a real casino, but also very exciting. And the current rule of La Partage significantly reduces the advantages of the institution on this roulette.

Video Roulette


Video Roulette is a kind of European roulette with the rule of La Partage, in which you can make almost all known bets (including rare ones). La Partage means that when you lose a zero, half of all bets on equal money are returned to the player. The course of the game in the video roulette is standard. The player chooses the denomination of coins (0.2, 1, 5, 25 or 100), makes bets on his own and presses a round button with a stack of chips and a curved arrow. In the lower left corner there is a window with a video recording, which shows the roulette wheel and the hands of the dealer launching the ball. Then the whole wheel appears first, along the track of which the ball rolls. Later it is replaced by a close-up of the cell with the winning number. In Video Roulette you can make a lot of different bets, starting with classic (by field, external, by sector and neighbors) and ending with special ones (red / black split, finals, cold / hot numbers and so on). A clean room is allowed to bet from twenty cents to a thousand dollars, but the total bet on spin is also limited to one thousand dollars.


In the video-roulette interface from Playtech there are a lot of different buttons and windows, but you will not get confused if you download the Russian version of the game in Tropez Casino or some other online casino. Actually, all the controls of the game process are intuitively understandable. If you know a little about the rules of roulette, just a couple of minutes of playing in the training mode will be enough to get comfortable.
Video Roulette keeps statistics of the latest games. Viewing videos can be disabled or skipped in each individual case. The bets made in the previous round can be repeated with the click of a button.


Video Playleh ro Roulette should be to the liking of those who appreciate realistic online roulette, but for some reason does not want to play with live dealers. For example, it will be appreciated by those who are annoyed by the slowness of the process in the version with the real croupier or is not satisfied with the lack of possibility to make conditional bets. The main advantage of Video Roulette is a high-quality, convenient and colorful interface. Most likely, you quickly get tired of watching videos in which the ball is launched, but the game as a whole will please you for a long time. Separately worth noting is the huge selection of rates.

Where can I play?

You can download Video Roulette in many online casinos operating on the Playtech platformYou can also try this game without registering in the training mode directly on the portal.