Shopping Spree

How to play video slot Shopping Spree

The Shopping Spree gaming machine has a simple interface. First, determine the size of the bet, then rotate the reels and get the winning combinations from the same symbols.

Shopping Spree Slot

Bid determination

To regulate the rate, you need to define two parameters:

  • Select Lines – by clicking on this button, change the number of lines from 1 to 9;
  • Bet One – clicking on it, determine the size of the rate from 1 to 5 credits.

With these parameters you can adjust the amount of the bet on the whole spin. Spin is a single rotation of the drums.

The pay line is the sequence on which the symbols are collected. If you get several identical images, then you get a prize. The more pay lines, the more chances of winning. At the same time, the size of the spin rate increases.

Thus, the minimum rate will be 1 credit – with 1 active pay line and 1 credit per line. The maximum will be 45 credits. For this value, you need to set 9 lines and a bet per line for 5 credits.

Starting Drums

After determining the rate, start the reels using one of the two buttons:

  • Spin – 1 time scrolls the wheels;
  • Bet Max – with one click sets the maximum parameters and starts the rotation.

Advanced settings and metrics

Keep track of the indicators in the black line, which is under the drums:

  • Balance is the number of credits in your account;
  • Lines – the number of activated lines;
  • Bet – the value of the bet per line;
  • Total – the size of the total bet on spin;
  • Winner Paid – repaid loans in the current rotation.

Symbols and coefficients on the shopping spree

All the symbols in the Shopping Spree gaming machine give out prizes. The amount of payment depends on the size of your bet, on the number of identical images on the pay line and on what type of these images. Next, the values ​​for the highest bid of 5 credits will be given.

The most expensive symbol is a ring with a diamond:

  • five images are awarded progressive jackpot. You will be offered to go shopping in New York, while you can spend an amount of 100 000 loans. If you do not want, then take the jackpot;
  • four rings issue 3,200 credits;
  • three – 1,600;
  • two – 125.

Payments for the remaining symbols are given in the same proportions. After the diamond ring follows the images:

  • five pearl necklaces – 3,200 credits;
  • five bag-clutch bags – 2,000;
  • five shoes – 1,500;
  • five bottles of perfume – 1,000;
  • five bouquets – 500;
  • five lipsticks – 250.

Special Characters

A special symbol is a “scatterer” with a dollar sign. “Scatter” means that he can appear anywhere on the drums, not necessarily on the pay line. Three or more dollar signs launch the bonus round Big Money Scatter Bonus.

Another special symbol is a shopping bag with the inscription Mystery Grab Bag. Three or more such images launch Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round.

Bonus games and free spins

The slot machine Shopping Spree gives you the chance to play two bonus games. Both rounds bet out the maximum wins if you make the most bets.

The first is Big Money Scatter Bonus, which is launched with dollar signs on the reels. This is free rotation, that is, you do not need to spend game currency from the account to spin the wheels.

The second is Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round. It starts if there are three or more packages with the inscription Mystery Grab Bag. On the wheels there will be several boxes with a question mark. Click on them and open to receive a prize. The value of the prize corresponds to your bet on spin. The round continues until you open the Collect symbol – it means that you take the winnings and finish the game.

The result

The Shopping Spree gaming machine from RTG has a very simple interface and is suitable for those who play for the sake of progressive jackpots.