Monster Mania

Monster Mania – Slot Microgaming

What do you imagine monsters? For sure, evil and bloodthirsty. You are very surprised, but in this game you will see small, bright, colorful monsters-vegetarians. These monsters are very fond of fruit. This can be seen not only by the symbols of the game, but also by their coloration. Probably, they need this color in order to hide among fruit trees. Who will notice a monster that looks so much like an apple?

Monster Mania


The game has nine paylines and five reels. And, although the name of the game sounds awesome, I assure you that there is absolutely no one to be afraid of in this game! But nishtyakov here is a complete set! This is a wild symbol, a scattered symbol and a jackpot that will make you richer for 2 thousand dollars.

Who would have thought that you could unite the theme of monsters and fruits? But developers of slots have more than enough fancy. So there were born fruit monsters. They grumble apples, but with such a relish that we are drooling! Comic images, as well as animation, raise the game to a new level. It is simply impossible to pass by such a game. This free slot machine also attracts the eye. Download the slot machine for free is easy, but keep in mind that the winnings are given only to those who play in the network. At the same time, a gaming machine without registration is also not suitable. You need to register, make a deposit into the account and start the game.

The coin denomination in the game can reach two dollars. At the same time, the total bet is $ 18 per spin. A hairy monster with tongue out – this is your ticket to the jackpot. For this, it is necessary that 5 such symbols appear on the payline.

In the game there is a wild symbol – a worm with a big smile and the inscription “Wild” instead of teeth! A loose symbol in the game is the brain, which also smiles to us all the way.

Recall that a wild symbol can replace other characters in the game and complete the winning combination. A wild worm can not replace a scatter symbol. It appears only on the reels 2, 3 and 4. The loose symbol can appear on the reels anywhere. To receive a prize, you need to get at least 3 loose symbols.


In this game only twelve characters. The smallest in terms of points is fruit. On the drums you will see bananas, grapes, watermelons, an orange and a bitten apple. Monster icons are pretty funny. It is a serpentine monster, a huge eye with four legs, a blue horned monster, a colorful fish with long legs and a yellow-green beetle with bird’s legs. Monsters are not at all scary and look funny. The bright symbols of the slot machine make the slot even more interesting. Many people like this free slot machine because it boosts the mood. Do not believe me? We advise you to download the slot machine for free and check it out!

Bonus Games 

There is no bonus game in this slot machine.


The maximum jackpot in the game is 1000 coins or 2,000 dollars.


In the game you can see the following functional:

Select Lines – activation of lines;

Bet Max – the maximum bet;

Spin – rotation of the drum;

+ – choose the dignity of the coin.

Moreover, the game has an expert mode that allows you to play the game in automatic mode.


Meet these unusual characters to get good payouts in the game and have a great time.

Where can I play? 

You can play on the Monster Mania slot machine at the Betfair casino.