Money Wheel

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Agree, it’s nice to enter the slot machine and not just be alone with the car. Immediately find your friends for hobby, and play rounds with them. Search for possible friends is carried out on the guest book, which is available for each player. Having obtained permission for a joint game, spend surprisingly gambling backs, enjoy and real winnings.

Money Wheel SlotDescription

In the “Money Wheel” slot machine, each player is given the opportunity to place bets with a limit of between one and fifty euros. To do this, set a time limit of fifteen to thirty-five seconds, and therefore do not lose your chances of overly long reflections. The slot offers a fairly simple betting system. It is enough only to select certain betting fields, into which the rates are placed in the chosen sizes. If there are winnings, then their accrual is carried out on a special pay table:
With a bet on: € 1 bill payouts are made 1 to 1, € 2 bill is 2 to 1, € 5 bill is 5 to 1, € 10 bill is 10 to 1, € 20 bill is 20 to 1, Joker and Money bag (bag with money) – 40 to 1. The player who first started the game on the “Money Wheel” gaming machine has the right to give or not to give new players to his playing field. He also determines the time for betting. In short, here he commands the game. Joining the game round is done by clicking on the button “Make a seat”. Further with the help of the left mouse button the value of the chips of your bet is selected. Clicking the same button on the selected chip determines the desired number of bets. The total bet amount will be displayed in the lower left corner. Before the beginning of the game round, the bet can be changed, for which it is enough to right-click on the chip and remove it. Pressing the “Done” button means that the bets are made. The wheel starts to rotate after betting by all players. Repeat the previous bet by clicking the “Repeat bid” button and adjusting the size. Complete these steps with the “Finish” button.


On the playing field of the slot “Wheel of money” there is a field with places for bets, as well as a game wheel, according to which the results of the rounds are determined. These symbols maximally bring the slot machine to the real casino.

Bonus Games

Bonus rounds in the slot machine “Wheel of money” is not provided.


Progressive jackpot in the slot machine “Wheel of Money” no.


As already mentioned, the interface of the slot machine “The Wheel of Money” is very similar to the roulette of a real casino. In addition, there are options such as random direction, information about the current number, the text of the dealer in the chat, sound effects and nice music.


The goal of the game on the Money Wheel is to guess the number on which the wheel can stop. The game itself is unusually simple. The game round process is described above.However, playing is interesting and useful, both from the moral side, and from the material.

Where can I play?

To implement game rounds in the video slot “Wheel of Money” is available on the website of Casino Club. The training mode of the game is available on the Blackjackzilla portal.