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According to Greek mythology, the Gorgon Medusa was a girl with snakes on her head, turning a man into a stone. Her hair was turned into a hydra by the goddess Athena, with whom Medusa decided to compete in beauty. Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danaiah, killed her, on orders from the King of Polydect. He did not become a stone, because he did not look directly at Medusa, but at its reflection in a polished shield.
However, even after her death, her head did not lose her magical properties, and Perseus used it to defeat the Polydecta that persecuted his mother. The marine animal of a jellyfish was so named because of an external similarity with this character. Developers from the company Playtech used this legend in the new entertainment game Medusa’s Gaze (“The Look of Medusa”).

Medusas Gaze SlotDescription

Medusa’s Gaze is a free arcade game with four reels and twelve lines, on which are arranged tiles of nine colors. The goal of the game is to get a winning combination of three or more tiles, located in a row on the same line or drum.

The process of the game is extremely simple. It consists of the following stages: 
• Choose the rate range from twenty cents to five hundred dollars.
• Starting the reels.

After that, the drums begin to spin around the head of Medusa. On winning combinations, payments are made according to the coefficient table. Then the tiles from these combinations descend, and their place is filled with others. If, thanks to this, a winning combination is formed again, the payment on it is multiplied by two times, the next time in three, and so on.The maximum win on the combination is x10000.
White tiles are an analog of the Wild symbol from gaming machines. They are able to replace any other tiles, if it helps to form a combination.

Bonus Games

There are no bonuses in the game.


Progressive jackpots are also not played out.


In the center of the window of the game Medusa’s Gaze is the head of Medusa Gorgon, around which revolve four drums, consisting of multi-colored tiles. Below is the control panel with buttons for selecting the size of the bet, launching the reels, calling the paytable and specifying the payout multipliers. In the game, you can activate the automatic mode. At Tropez Casino and some other online casinos Medusa’s Gaze is offered with a Russian interface, where even rules and a table of payments are translated.


Like most other entertainment games, Medusa’s Gaze is very simple. You do not have to study the rules for a long time or think about the next move. All that is required of you is to make a bet, start the drums and hope for luck. Nevertheless, the process of the game is very exciting. It really captures, because every next combination in one back brings more and more large payout. In short, Medusa’s Gaze is a very good game, capable of making variety in casino visits.

Where can I play?

The entertaining game Medusa’s Gaze is free and for real money offered by various online casinos running on the Playtech software. You can also try it without registering in the training mode, if you click on the screenshot at the beginning of the review.