Man of steel

Man Of Steel – Slot Playtech

It is unlikely that there will be many people who can boast that they have not seen such a famous film as “Man Of Steel”. The story of a young man, a native of the planet Krypton, who arrived on the planet Earth with a mission. The topic of his growing up and becoming a hero, was discussed for a long time in various circles after the premiere show. And now, the company Playtech decided to recreate this film in its new slot machine.

Company Amaya in the past already created a slot with this subject, but the developers of the company Playtech deny their similarity, arguing that using the newer comics of the “Superman” series. As reported in an interview with the owners of the company, the company does not plan its cooperation with DC Comics, and in the future we can expect a slot based on the comic book “Green Lantern”.

As for the plot of the slot machine “Man of Steel,” the images used on the game icons belong to Superman, his girlfriend Lois Lane. Of course, it was not without the enemy, the supervillain General Zod. It is noteworthy that the gaming machine is endowed with the function of activating free spins in case of a combination with the participation of an image of a Kryptonian, where the Kryptonian is not only the protagonist Superman, but also the opposing side.

In total, the playing field is a screen on which are placed five reels, forty pay lines. 95,05% is the declared return of the slot machine. “Playtech” slot machines can interest players of all ages due to their interesting idea and processing, and also will draw attention to this product of the fans of the story line who will undoubtedly want to participate in the life of their favorite characters.