Haunted House

Haunted House – Slot PlayTech

Haunted House or Haunted House is especially popular on Halloween. This holiday is one of the most beloved in Western countries, but recently the territory of its coverage included the post-Soviet space. The holiday fell to the taste, both adults and children, who happily dress up in thematic costumes, decorate houses, prepare dishes for Halloween, but often do not know how to spend time later. If you have such a problem, or you do not get on the thematic corporate, you can play on the slot machine House with ghosts. This is a slot with three reels and five paylines with a holiday-specific interface. True, the illustration depicts characters in horror films, but if you are not from a timid dozen, then welcome in online casino to celebrate Halloween, playing on the slot machine Haunted House from the company Playtech.

Haunted House Slot


Let’s hope that witches, vampires and other evil forces will help you in obtaining a win, and if you are not lucky today, then you’ll have a good time behind this fascinating slot. The scheme of the game resembles other slot machines from the company Playtech, which require the player to choose the value of the coin and the number of tokens that you wish to put on the spin. Here no one can help you with advice. Let your inner voice decide the fate of your blood, but if you want to play at the minimum rate, then you will not be able to lose large sums. Or you have to play for a long time. It should be said that the slots are rather fast slot machines and the drums rotate quickly, however, additional settings in the menu can correct the pauses between the backs. Recall that there are other options in the settings, and you can also change the bid, which is by default at the rate of the dollar. You can put only 5 cents, and you can 5 dollars for a token. So the spread is quite wide, and the gain, respectively, too. Select the “maximum bet” button so that you can get the most money in the event of a win. But so you risk more. Determine the number of tokens that will play in the current back, paying, thus, the opportunity to get a win over a larger number of paylines. I would recommend using as many paylines as possible, and preferably their maximum number is 5, even if the amount of bets is not large. It seems to me that it’s more interesting to play. And anyway, I had a feeling that otherworldly forces played with me during the game. The first win was small – $ 10, and then went on increasing $ 15, $ 60. It seems that the ghosts did not want to let me go, and threw me a prize for the prize. The game is accompanied by frightening sounds, which perfectly complement the atmosphere, inducing horror on the players. 
Payments in the Haunted House are implemented according to the following scheme: 
• one head of garlic multiplies the bet by 5 times, 
• 2 heads of garlic – in 25; 
• 3 candle symbols multiply the bet by 50 times; 
• 3 bowls increase the rate 75 times; 
• 3 knives 100 times; 
• 3 symbols of the box multiply the bet by 200 times; 
• 3 crosses – 300 times; 
• 3 garlic – 1000 times, 1200, 1400, 1600 and 1800 times, depending on which line the winning combination falls on. 


Among the symbols you will see garlic to scare away vampires, candles, so as not to bump into a monster, as well as bowls, caskets, crosses, knives and so on.

Bonus Games 

There is no bonus game at the Haunted House slot machine.


The jackpot of the Haunted House game can be obtained if you lose 3 heads of garlic in a row on the fifth line of the win, and is 1800 bets, so if you want and luck, the winnings can be quite decent. 


The slot machine Haunted House with a witch and a vampire on the interface create the appropriate entourage, and symbols pour oil on the fire, and we are already scared. Looking at the symbols, we understand: we will have to defend ourselves! The slot machine is rather gloomy, but simple. There are no additional tabs, everything is located on one screen. Go to the hidden corners of this house do not have to.

At the bottom of the interface you will see:

Bet One – activate the pay line

Spin – rotate the drums

Bet Max – maximum bet

And also the minus and plus, by which you will adjust the face value of the coin.


Haunted House is a fairly atmospheric gaming machine that can bring you prizes, if you are not scared and will finish until this point. Winning $ 9 thousand is not so bad for a casual player. In the game there are no additional options, so you do not have to get acquainted with the complex details of the game.

Where can I play? 

A haunted house – this is an excellent slot in the style of horror films will create a special mood for you. We recommend playing at this slot machine in the Titan Casino or Gou Casino .