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Green Lantern – Slot Playtech

Fans of comics and science fiction film based on the popular graphic novels, probably know the story about the Green Lanterns that protect the galaxy from various villains who dare to threaten mankind. Based on the blockbuster Green Lantern from Warner Bros. the company Playtech has created a colorful video slot. About it will be discussed further in the review from blackjackzilla.


Slot machine “Green Lantern” has five reels and fifteen positions for images on the main screen. Active bands for the formation of combinations no.
Bet per round is always a multiple of forty. The coin value the user selects independently of the proposed range. The limits can be different in different online casinos. In Winner casino the minimum cost of the chip is equal to one cent and the maximum is fifty euros. It turns out that at stake could be from 0.40 to 2,000 euros. A selection of available functions is of particular interest. In addition to basic symbols, here are several types of the special symbols, the system is Collapsing Feature scale Green Lantern Power Bar, bonus Fear Fight Mission Training Center Mission and Secret Mission Sector, as well as four progressive jackpots from Playtech. The winning sequence occurs according to the method AllWays. Several similar elements have to fall in any of the neighbor reels, including reel. A graphic diagram presented in the thematic section of the table of coefficients. There are totally 243 ways of receiving payments in this way. When forming a combination of any of the images, immediately after the accrual of the winning pictures from the chain explode. Its place is taken by a higher and new characters. So acts Collapsing Feature that runs up until prepared the next sequence. Every start is filled with one division on the scale Green Lantern Power Bar. If she reaches the checkpoint, the player gets a right for participation in one of the bonus missions. The calculation of payoffs by combinations are made by multiplying the value of the coins on the factor from the table allocated to this chain. It can be from X5 to X500. If there are several winning options in different positions, the credits are added together. On completion of the Collapsing Feature all the money transferred to the account. The gambling feature is missing. All special symbols and bonuses are described in the review of the video slot Green Lantern.


On the reels you will see characters from the Green lantern Corps, their enemies, as well as the values of playing cards.
There are also special symbols:

  • Wild is available on all reels except the first. He doesn’t form the combinations, but may be combinations of other symbols.
  • Stacking Wild drops out instead of the usual Wild bonus rounds. It comes in stripes at the reels.

More information about the pictures found in the informational section.

Bonus games

Bonus rounds are triggered when completing a certain number of cells on the Power Bar. A kind of bonus is randomly selected. All of them represent free spins. The farther the scale is filled, the more favorable are the conditions of draws.
Briefly describe their special features:

  1. Fear Fight Mission – With each new back explode all symbols except for stacked wilds. The reels spin five, six or eight times.
  2. Mission Training Center – ten free spins with additional Wild symbols. The frequency of rainfall depends on the filling degree of the scale.
  3. Sector Secret Mission – within ten prize spins there is a system of dynamic multipliers. They gradually increase. The level of Power Bar affect start-up rates and speed of increase of the multiplier.

Each feature in the table of payments in a separate Chapter. Even more bonuses is discussed in the help.


In Green Lantern there is a system of progressive jackpots Playtech. Four of them, and they all start with different starting amounts. If you play for money on any bet you automatically participate in the draw. It takes place at the additional screen. To get to this round but the high-rollers have higher chances.
On the screen you need to select the cells having the form of a honeycomb. They are filled with colored lights, which are duplicated in the scales jackpots. When you lit all the lanterns on one of the positions, you will get this amount. A visual chart in the rules will help you to understand the intricacies of the process.


If you have not very good situation with English, find version games Russian. For example, the Winner of the game is available with translations into different languages.
But we think that to understand the buttons on the control panel in any version. They are really intuitive and easy to use.
Before you start spin, you can choose the number of lines, turn on the turbo mode and decide how you are going to play: automatically or manually. If you prefer the second method, the spinning reels can be stopped early.
The game has various settings, which can be found in a special section of the menu. It opens with the button in the top right corner. From there you can get help.
Most Internet casinos offer to start the machine Green Lantern in the browser. Some also allow you to download a video card slot on the computer through the client software.


We have no doubt that the new product will appeal to comic fans and connoisseurs of quality online gambling games. Great graphics, original functions, different bonuses, numerous payment – what else you need for a comfortable stay.
Note the low level of variability and the average return model.

Where to play

To experience the Green Lantern for free, you can Casinoz. We recommend to watch the demo video describing the characteristics of the slot.
In Winner casino and other casinos on the Playtech platform offers to play for money. Choose places according to our reviews and reviews.
Please leave reviews of automatic “Green Lantern”. Your opinions are important to us.

Game features

Number of reels5
The number of paylines243 ways
Progressive jackpotYes
The maximum rate2000
The maximum payoutx500
Scatter symbolNo
Wild symbolYes
Bonus gameThere
Game on doubling (risk-game)No
Free spins (rotation)Yes
An automatic game mode.Yes
The payout percentage94.95%
Launch date06.01.2017
Can play for free without registrationYes