Granny Prix

Granny Prix – Slot Microgaming

Most young people, looking at old women sitting on benches at the entrances, believes that their time has already passed. Say, now their destiny is to knit grandchildren socks and condemn gossip about modern mores. In this case, almost no one thinks that in their souls can also boil an ocean of passions, and some of them are still capable of desperate deeds. A prime example of this are the main characters of the scratch-card online Granny Prix (“Racing old ladies”). They were not afraid to sit at the controls of powerful racing cars and go on the track to find out who is worthy of the title of the coolest lady of old age. What came of it, see for yourself …

Granny Prix Slot



Granny Prix is ​​a free scratch card that Microgaming has released for online casinos. In Crazy Vegas Casino you can play it at a rate of fifty cents to ten dollars. The maximum payment is equal to twenty five thousand dollars.
The purpose of the game in Granny Prix is ​​to find in the nine cells of the card three identical pictures. They can be arranged in any order. Each symbol is assigned its own coefficient (x2, x3, x5, x12, x100 and x2500). The payment is calculated by multiplying the value of the card by the coefficient of the pictures from which the winning combination was formed. You can erase the virtual protective cover from the cards with the mouse cursor in each cell separately. Remove them all at once helps a special button on the control panel.


Bonus Games


There are no bonus payments in the Granny Prix scratch-card.




Progressive jackpot in Granny Prix is ​​not played out.




The main part of the game screen is taken directly by the card. To the left of it is a table of payments. Below is the control panel, on which you can see only three elements:

  • +/- near the inscription Stake – choose the face value of the card
  • New Card / Reveal All – purchase a new card / erase coverage from all cells
  • Win is the payout amount

At the top of the screen there is an information line with tips, although the process of the game is so simple that there is really nothing to suggest.




Granny Prix is ​​an ordinary scratch card, the only feature of which are colorful characters.Naturally, no skills from the players are required. It is enough to choose the denomination, start the game and erase all the covers.


Where can I play?


You can try Granny Prix’s scratch card in training mode or immediately play for real money at Crazy Vegas Casino or other online casinos featuring the products of Microgaming.  At conditional rates, scratch cards without registration are available directly from the portal.