Fruit Mania

Fruit Mania – Slot PlayTech

In the cold and harsh time of the year nothing so warms and gives so much joy as memories of the sun and fruits, and now we are bored on hot money, and begin to dream of summer. This game slot under the name Fruit mania will help to get a little ahead of the events, and will provide us with the necessary vitamins of joy today!

Fruit Mania


Fructomania is a five-reel slot with five paylines from Playtech, which brings us today this portion of vitamins.It seems that this company knows better what we need, guessing our desires before we realize them ourselves.This helps the manufacturer to navigate the online gaming market.  Five reels spin to reveal combinations of five paylines.This means that we have the opportunity to get a winning combination in one of them. When you add a token, you activate an additional payline. In Fructomania there are 5 of them, and we can only guess what vitamins will get into our diet today. The creators of the game felt that cherries should be the most cherished, and they appropriated this symbol to the right to take the jackpot. We spin the drums and freeze in anticipation, and when the drums stop, then the computer makes a reconciliation, determining whether there is a win. Each additional token increases your winnings, in case of victory. The video slot Fruit Mania boasts features such as a scatter symbol, a fruit bonus and a progressive jackpot. The game does not have a practice mode, and it has to be mastered on the go. You can start playing in it only for real money, without any rehearsals. The minimum bet is 5 cents, and the maximum bet is the dollar and a quarter for each spin. 

The winning combinations in the Fruit Mania slot machine can be the following: 
The number of bets is indicated in parentheses when (2/3/4/5 identical symbols) 
• Cherry at the maximum rate (10/100 / 1,000 / JACKPOT) 
• Cherry with a bet of up to 4 ex-counters (10/100 / 1,000 / 5,000) 
• Blueberries (5/25/250 / 2,500) 
• Peach (5/25/250 / 2,500) 
• Grapes (2/10/100/500) 
• A green apple (2/10/100/500) 
• Strawberry (2/10/50/200) 
• Lemon (2/10/50/200) 
• Scattered symbol (— / 5x / 40x / 500x) 

The game has convenient options, allowing you to customize the game for you. You can turn the audio on or off. You can play in the auto-game, which can also be customized. Some adapt the speed to their own pace. 
A glass of cocktail in the game Fruitmania – a scattered symbol. This means that this symbol does not need to line up in order to win. It can be anywhere on five paylines, and still close the winning combinations that are listed in the table by the total number of tokens. Keep in mind that you are paid both the usual win and the win with the scattered symbol, because this symbol does not necessarily have to be ranked along with other similar ones. 
The symbol of the sun is a symbol of the bonus. If three such symbols appear in the line from left to right, they will launch the Fruit Bonus Game. During the bonus game you need to choose a symbol of fruit in each row. At the end of the bonus game you will receive a prize, and these payments will be added to the rest. 


Symbols of this game include various berries and fruits: cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples, strawberries, lemon, grapes. They make up a multicolored scale and please your eye, decorating a friendly and joyful interface. 

Bonus Games 

Bonus game starts when three or more symbols of the sun appear on the reels.


The maximum payout, except for the progressive jackpot, the amount of which varies for obvious reasons, is 5000 bets per winning line. Progressive jackpot can be obtained only by setting the maximum number of tokens on the spin, that is, 5. The symbol of the jackpot is the cherry. Keep in mind that winnings in the amount of more than 10 thousand dollars are considered large, so it is necessary that the payment is processed by the operator, a casino employee.Payouts for such winnings can not be automatic. The size of the progressive jackpot is visible on the screen, at its top. 


On the game interface, the functionality is represented by the buttons:

  • Spin – rotate the drums
  • Bet Max – maximum bet
  • Bet one – activate one pay line
  • Paytable – payment table


In addition to the good and positive attitude that players receive, the slot has a number of other advantages, many of which have already been indicated. Convenient options, nice interface highlights this game against the backdrop of numerous online slots, so starting to play in Fructomania, you are already winning, no matter what the outcome of the game! 

Where can I play? 

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Game Features

Number of drums5
Number of game lines5
Progressive JackpotYes
Line betting0.25 to 0.25
Maximum Bid1.25
Maximum payout5,000
The scatter symbolYes
Wild symbolNo
Bonus Gamethere is
Free spins (rotation)Yes
It’s possible to play for free without registeringYes