European Roulette Mobile

European Roulette online. Story.

It’s no secret that roulette is the queen of all gambling. Playing European Roulette is a sign of prestige and a feature of the “highest caste” of gamblers. European Roulette is one of the French subspecies. As you can learn from history, a certain Francois Blanca, the owner of the most famous gambling houses of Monaco, had to “rein in” French roulette, removing the double “zero” in order for gamblers to have more chances to win. This decision of the owner has led to the fact that the game European roulette has become popular, and the number of visitors has doubled. It would seem that with such a decision the owner of the casino network could hurt himself, but his profits only increased. It was rumored that Francois sold his soul to the devil for telling him this way of increasing profits.True or not, no one knows, but the rejection of a double “zero” contributed to a large increase in the popularity of roulette, soon the whole continent was filled with European roulette. Casinos began to receive incredible profits.

The wheel of fortune has become poorer. The numbers from one to thirty-six and the “zero” sector remained on it. No more changes to the roulette has not undergone. The rules of the game itself remained unchanged. The croupier announces a standard phrase about the start of betting. After the players have made their bets, the wheel is turned counter-clockwise, and the ball, on the contrary – clockwise. After the ball stops at a particular cell, players check their bets.

Rules of the game:

Now European roulette is available on our website for free and without registration, and the game itself does not require the player to know any special strategies. Now the main thing – about the types of bets suggested in the game European roulette. Rules. The game is characterized by the presence of ten types of bets. Bets are, as in the original French Roulette, external and internal.

A. Straight. European online roulette suggests that it is a bet on a specific number (from zero to thirty-six). This is the most risky, but also the most winning bet, since the odds are 1 to 35.

B. Split. Bets on two numbers. Naturally, the coefficients decrease and are 1:17. On the Internet, it is often this bet that dominates when playing beginners, when European roulette is played for free.

C. Street. Rates for three numbers, and the ratio is reduced to 1:11.

D. Kare. Bets on four numbers. The coefficient is 1: 8. This is one of the most interesting stakes of the game European Roulette. Online free to start the game advise it with her.

E. Sixline. This rate can cover six numbers at a ratio of 1: 5. Also a good win game European roulette. You can start playing for free from it.

F. Red or black betting. Ratio 1: 2.

G. Bet on odd or even. Ratio 1: 2. Experts say that this bet, like the previous one, is the best for beginners European roulette games. For money, it is advised to start playing with them.

H. Bets on larger or smaller numbers (from one to eighteen and from nineteen to thirty six). Ratio 1: 2. This is also a bet for non-risk players.

I. Dozen. Bets on the first, second or third third of the wheel (for example, from one to twelve). Rates 1: 3. This bet also allows the game European roulette. Online play, starting with such a bet, is possible for those who want to take the risk, but do not dare to take more risk.

K. Column. Allows selection of one of three columns of numbers, with a 1: 3 ratio.

Do not forget that when betting from 2 to 5 points, in the game European roulette, the chip does not lie on the number, but on the intersection of the field of numbers.

As mentioned above, on the Internet the European roulette game can be played without registration on our website.