Enchanted – Slot Betsoftgaming

In this slot play is a must. If you like adventurous slots and you treat graphics and animation with great delicacy, then this game is for you.

Enchanted SlotDescription

In this five-reel slot machine 30 paylines. The slot was developed by Betsoft, which are so well given the theme of fairy tales that slot machines are just wonderful. They give the feeling that you are in a fairy tale. And now this story about a magical forest in which they live unseen beings. So Betsoft can be described today as the developer of the highest quality slot machines among those that we find now on the market. Betsoft took pride of place next to other developers who offer their gaming software for a long time. If you want free slot machines free download, now it is not difficult.


In the game you will see a lot of magical characters and creatures, which is hard to describe – so wondrous characters brought before us. At least we know their names. If it is difficult to classify these creatures, we can, at least, to focus on names. Green Rufus (like the Troll), dwarf with a mustache Thin, Elrid the wizard, the wonderful fairy named Feera and owl. What a magical forest can do without owls? Our owl is certainly magical. She smokes a pipe! But in addition to characters, the game has many magical items. You will see gold rings, goblets, plaques, magic book, the Golden key, a magic wand, and mystical magic balls.

Bonus games

The game is not only beautiful, but can offer many different exciting features, for example, a bonus game Tonk”s Tinkering Doors. To be able to play this bonus game you have to collect three keys, and when you collect them, break the drums. Dwarf Tonk acts in the bonus game as a wizard. He needs to fix the broken reels and you must choose three of the door lock of six. For each of the locks hiding the prize. Another bonus option that offers slot Spell, called the Spell book Free Spins and as you probably already knew by name, with it you will get free spins. When you get three or more magic books, then their magic will give you 10 free spins. Another bonus game called Crazy Hat’s Crazy Reel’s. To get access to the game, you need to get at least two hats. Thought the surprises were over? Wrong! And the next bonus on the way – the game is called Save Feera”s Birdie! The essence of the bonus game is that the evil green Orc stole the bird fairies, and you must help the fairy to save the bird. In the bonus game you have to control the fairy to guide her to the right or to the left, and attack.


The most highly paid character is a wizard Elrid and fairy Feera. If your line falls five mages Elreda, you will win 5,000 coins.


This slot machine is designed in a fabulous style, otherwise it can not be, because there are magicians, fairies, gnomes and other fairy creatures.
Next to the reels you will see two trees in which someone lives, and in the lower part of the interface buttons are drawn in the form of mushrooms, as well as the small doors in the home.
On the interface you will see the following buttons.
• Spin – activates the drum rotation.
• Max Bet – places the max bet. She also starts the game.
• Bet per Lines – allows you to select the bet per line.
• Select Lines – with this button you can choose the pay line.
In game time we hear funny music. If you don’t like the sound, you can disable it. There is also the AutoPlay option.


3D graphics are very beautiful, and the characters are quite typical. I really liked the animation in the game. She is expressive and humorous. Starting from a game down to the smallest detail, all made in the same style, and we can dive into this fantasy world entirely. No detail will blow us out. After all, as often happens: the visitor online casino is immersed entirely in the game, and suddenly some ill-conceived or flawed item back to this world and down to earth.With Betsoft is impossible, because a responsible approach to game development is a priority at the company.
Payout, often fall, so fans slots Enchanted will delight with its interesting options and a wonderful atmosphere. The game is made with a sense of humor: the Troll, for example, cleans ear with finger, making such a noise like crackling wood. In General, be sure to play – you’ll like it! Online slot machines are not always so fascinatingas this slot!

Where to play

Casino, which offers play on the fairytale theme should create favorable conditions that developed the game had the desired effect and pleased the visitors. Casino Red 7 will certainly make sure that you do not hurt.