Dj Moo Cow

DJ Moo Cow – Slot RTG

Postpone all the cases for later and try the new DJ Moo Cow machine with the option of both a free game and an online casino for money. He will not only be able to attract the player with his external design and unusual themes, but also with large payments, which are carried out very often.

DJ Moo Cow

In the DJ Moo Cow, there is no classic risk game, but it is not needed here, because the ability to choose a maximum of 25 lines for the game, fully compensate for this. Needless to say, that on five reels, now and then combinations of thematic symbols drop out, which significantly increase the game account of the gambler. Especially to the “lucky” players, it may be possible to get an additional bonus.

All DJ Moo Cow machines have one symbol, which performs both the replacement and spread function. When you manage to catch 3 of these symbols, you will get into a bonus game that will not leave you without a prize. At this level, the player is assigned a mission to select a DJ turntables. It would seem there is nothing easier, and if you manage to choose the right option, then your prize can be indecently large. If you suddenly get tired of constantly pressing the buttons, then the automatic game function, is able to give you the opportunity to relax.