Baccarat Gold


Centuries ago, Baccarat was considered a game for the intelligentsia. This opinion was common because rich people could afford gambling entertainment, and the common people did not have the opportunity to do so. But when humanity began to develop rapidly, this progress also affected gambling. That is why anyone can now actively play, despite the prohibitions to play such slot machines for free 777 avtomati online . Since the above entertainment is one of the most popular card game users, game software developers are working on improving it. Microgaming has long presented to its fans an exciting version of card fun – the Baccarat Microgaming card game for TOP online casinos , and now released another similar slot machine called Baccarat Gold, which allows each participant to touch the history and feel like an aristocrat.

General description of the device

A standard green game table, special markup and animated images – all this refers to the design of the game. Besides the fact that it fully complies with the theme, its quality is also very high. This allows you to bring the game as close as possible to reality, and the user will burn to visit a virtual casino. Throughout all the game actions there will be a unique relaxing melody that can set the user to win.

Gameplay description

If we talk about the essence of this type of game, then experienced users know that it consists in guessing the winner of each round. That is, the participant must, after listening to his intuition, predict who will win in a card contest. The choice is between PLAYER and BANKER. The amount of remuneration for winning both the first and second is calculated in the ratio of 1 to 1. But if the banker wins, the remuneration amount is charged a commission of 0.5%. These are the conditions of every baccarat game. But the player also has the opportunity to bet on TIE, which means a draw here. This rate is considered the most profitable, because in case of success the player is supposed to increase the rate by 8 times, but at the same time it is the most dangerous.

The loss of equal values ​​of cards for each participant in the game is possible, but it happens very rarely. By the way, in order to understand how many points the user has had, he just needs to learn the meaning of each card. So, cards from 2 to 9 are equal to their nominal values. That is, when two triples fall out, the sum of user points is 6. In this game, “tens,” “jacks”, “ladies” and “kings” are not as important as in other card games, because the user will receive absolutely nothing for them . “Ace” here is equal to one point. The winner of the tour is the participant who has the sum of points as close as possible to 9. If the total number of points exceeds this figure, then 9 points should be taken from it and the resulting amount will take part in the competition. If one of the participants has the sum of points equal to 4, then he is entitled to one more additional card. It can either increase the player’s chances of winning, or even cancel them altogether.

Description of the game interface

To successfully play the game, the participant must go through all the required stages of the game. The first thing you need to scroll through the pages in the section RULES, which is located in the upper left corner of the playing field. Then the player will be useful to get acquainted with the layout of the desktop on which bets are made. By the way, after that, you can begin to determine the appropriate size of chips, using the choice of chips in the bottom of the control panel. The user has the opportunity to use chips of one to two hundred coins in the game. After selecting the appropriate rate you need to directly put it on the playing field. To do this, the player must select one or more sections, and then click on it. The chip will be installed. After that, the participant must use the DEAL key to start the distribution of cards. A pair of cards will be dealt to the player and banker. The first cards are revealed to the participant on whom the bet is fixed. The cards are reversed only after pressing the SQUEEZE key. When opening the card, the participant may turn it over. When the first pair of sheets is open, the opponent’s cards will also automatically show their values. If during the game the bet of the participant passes, then he receives a reward in accordance with the paytable.

If a player is defeated, he must decide for himself whether to continue playing or not. It does not matter how the round ended, the user is invited to apply the previous rate indicator, using REBET or bet on the same place, only increasing it at the same time twice, using REBETx2. It happens that the chip was installed incorrectly or the participant wants to fix a big bet, then the CLEAR BET function will come to his aid, removing all the chips defined on the gaming table. In addition to the functional buttons on the playing field, there are special tables that store information about the course of the game. For example, a participant can observe the history of his actions in a special section called HISTORY. Also in the lower right corner of the gaming table is a ROADMAP table, where you can see the statistics of player / banker wins. This helps in building your own strategy for passing gameplay. If necessary, the last two tables can be collapsed using special buttons so that they do not block the working field. In addition to the keys associated directly with the game, the user can use the “speaker” icon to enable / disable sounds, as well as call for help by activating the question mark on the top taskbar.

Summary of the description of the card game

Baccarat is a game in which a person with developed intuition can express himself. The main task of the participant is to guess the possible potential winner of the round and, accordingly, to fix the bet on it. High-quality and diverse interface design has a beneficial effect on the gameplay, allowing the player to enjoy it and earn such long-awaited rewards. The user will be accompanied not only by amazing music, but also by luck.